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Welcome to the Division of Global Emergency Medicine at Brown University! We are proud to offer an outstanding Global Emergency Medicine Fellowship based in Providence, Rhode Island. Sponsored by the University Emergency Medicine Foundation (UEMF) and affiliated with the Brown University Alpert Medical School and School of Public Health, this two-year academic fellowship boasts a wealth of research mentoring opportunities, robust interdepartmental collaboration, and a rich clinical and teaching experience, both domestically and abroad.

Training and Mentorship Experience:
- The Department of Emergency Medicine at Brown University has one of the few formal academic Divisions of Global Emergency Medicine anywhere in the country, allowing us to offer our Global Emergency Medicine fellows a wide range of training and mentoring resources.
- Our Division of Global Emergency Medicine includes 10 faculty and fellows actively engaged in international emergency medicine development, training, research and humanitarian relief.
- As part of our Global Emergency Medicine fellowship, fellows can choose to earn either a Masters of Public Health (MPH) or Masters of Science in Clinical and Translational Research (MSc) from Brown University or a Diploma in Tropical Medicine and Hygiene at an outside institution, depending on their long-term interests in the field.
- In addition to their degree program, fellows will also participate in a dedicated Humanitarian Emergency/Disaster Certification course, such as the ICRC Health Emergencies in Large Populations (HELP) course.
- Through the Brown Resident International/Global Health Training (BRIGHT) program, fellows will have the opportunity to participate in the training of emergency medicine, internal medicine, and pediatric residents in global health topics.
- Through the Brown International Advanced Research Institute (BIARI) program, fellows will have the opportunity to engage with early career professionals and academics in humanitarian response from around the world.
- Over the two years of their fellowship, fellows will acquire and apply skills in epidemiology, research methodology, and program planning through a longitudinal academic project.

International Experience:
- Established international experiences available to our fellows include projects in Rwanda, Nicaragua, Turkey, Bangladesh, and American Samoa in areas such as post-conflict development, EM curricula design and training, acute humanitarian and disaster response, and global EM research.
- Fellows may also work closely with a faculty mentor within the Division of Global Emergency Medicine or an outside faculty to establish their own international program or research project.
- Fellows may also benefit from Brown University's Global Health Initiative, a unique forum for faculty and fellow collaboration that fosters cross-departmental mentoring relationships, as well as Brown University's newly launched Humanitarian Innovation Initiative.

Clinical Experience:
- Fellows will function as a teaching attending in a both a high-volume Level I trauma center and local community hospital working with residents of a renowned four-year EM training program.

Comprehensive Benefits:
- Competitive starting salary at about $95,000 per year
- Full benefits, including health, dental, disability, & malpractice insurance
- $5000 per year for international travel
- $2500 per year for conferences/CME
- Departmental seed grants available for research projects
- Support for evacuation insurance, international travel, and housing at field sites

Submit your application, including a letter of intent, personal statement, CV, and three letters of recommendation through this website. In your letter of intent, please describe what makes you interested in our program in particular. At least one of your three letters of recommendation should speak directly to your emergency medicine clinical skills, while the other two letters should speak to your research, teaching, and/or service experience.

Applications for our Global Emergency Medicine fellowship are due on Friday September 29, 2017. Qualified applicants will be invited to interview with us on October 27, 2017 in Providence, RI.

For more information about our Department of Emergency Medicine and Division of International Emergency Medicine at Brown University, please see our website at: