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Applications for fellowships beginning in July 2021 are now being accepted!

Programs are now accepting applications for fellowships beginning in July 2021! Please visit each program’s website for details and application instructions.

All programs may begin to offer acceptances on the SECOND MONDAY of NOVEMBER at 12:00 NOON Eastern Time. No offers will be given before this date.

For the upcoming 2020-21 application cycle for fellowships beginning in summer 2021, offers will begin November 9, 2020, at 12 noon (EST).

Applicants are allowed 1 hour to make a decision about an offer.

This website is managed by the International Emergency Medicine Fellowship Consortium (IEMFC). This site is designed to provide prospective applicants with a wealth of information about international emergency medicine fellowships.

To apply for a fellowship position you can directly email the program of interest from the link on its page.

You can use the program link to explore the fellowship programs on this site, and the map links to explore program and project locations. Each fellowship has a dedicated page for viewing that contains detailed information about the program.

Fellowship programs are available throughout the US and Canada.

Fellowship projects are ongoing around the world.