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Applications for fellowships beginning in July 2021 are now being accepted!

GEMFC programs adhere to a joint offer date and time. All initial program offers will be made on November 18th at noon EST. Applicants have up to one hour to respond to offers, after which time any open fellowship spots may be offered to additional applicants until filled.

Please note, the plan for GEMFC fellowships to join the NRMP match has been delayed until the 2021 application cycle. GEMFC fellowships are NOT participating in the NRMP match for the 2020 cycle (updated 9/15/20).

This website is managed by the Global Emergency Medicine Fellowship Consortium (GEMFC). This site is designed to provide prospective applicants with a wealth of information about emergency medicine fellowships.

To apply for a fellowship position you can directly email the program of interest from the link on its page.

You can use the program link to explore the fellowship programs on this site, and the map links to explore program and project locations. Each fellowship has a dedicated page for viewing that contains detailed information about the program.

Fellowship programs are available throughout the US and Canada.

Fellowship projects are ongoing around the world.